Loek de la Haye (born 1949, in Heerlen, the Netherlands) began his career as an engineer in occupational health care.

He then returned to school in the mid-1990′s to study art. Utilizing digital photography and modern ink jet printing technology, Loek is able to present his work in unique and captivating ways.

For his prints, Loek not only uses commercially made fine art papers (Innova/Hahnemuele) but also several different brands of watercolor papers coated with various dilutions of inkAID White Matte or inkAID Clear Gloss Type II. The large prints (1 by 2 meters) are done on Tyvek coated with several layers of inkAID White Matte. He uses a diluted mixture of inkAID Semi-Gloss to print on pigskin for his art book covers. Loek uses Epson printers, the 9800 with a matte black inkset, and the 7900 with the photo black inkset.